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Picture 1

Axis Roots & Branches, 1999, oil on canvas, 80″ x 102″

Picture 2

Layered Land, 2008, watercolor

William Itter:  A Retrospective Paintings and Drawings 1969-2009 at the SoFA Gallery at Indiana University.

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William Itter and Philip Ayers at the Painting Center, May 26-June 20, 2009.

From the Press Release:

Itter states, “I am compelled to construct a surface field for the unfolding imagination — equivocal and ironic, where myriad thoughts are found and represented. The picture plane is a place where reversing figure-ground relationships seem inescapable and bound by paradoxical meanings. The simultaneous interplay of line, shape, and color presents an alternating subject continually shifting in visual posture that proposes a timeless mutable character.”

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