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Color Country installation shot, work by Anne Thompson (foreground) and Tom Gregg (on the wall).

We’ve all learned our lessons about the relative nature of color.  We’ve made one color look like two, or two look like one, been proud of our chromatic grays and the glow that happens in our paintings after ever so slight alterations of tone.  Color Country is a small exhibit I put together for the University of Central Missouri’s Gallery 115 of artists who find content in color’s relativity: Tom Gregg, Daniel Reneau and Anne Thompson.  All three make work that considers the perception of color, and also the desire to define color, make it mean something certain and constant.  The problem is, and this is what makes these three artists approach to color so interesting, is that it’s as impossible to define color, to make it  mean something simple and absolute, as it is to look at color as optically constant.  The problem becomes almost existential.

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MWCapacity: undercrowded at the University of Central Missouri Gallery of Art & Design, March11-April 10, 2010.  The exhibit is part of the MINT: 3 exhibitions.  3 spaces.  3 ideas. program.  Solo exhibits by Davin Watne and Lisa Iglesias make the other 2 of 3 exhibitions/spaces/ideas.  Participating artists in undercrowded are: Joey Borovicka, Sam King, Kristin Musgnug and Stephanie Pierce.

Sam and I co-curated the MWCapacity 1/3rd of the exhibit, selecting some of our favorite artists making very different paintings and videos with a common subject matter:  unoccupied spaces.  The spaces are man-made, mostly people-friendly, yet there’s no one there.

These paintings (and I apologize that I keep thinking about Sam’s videos as paintings) share the need to make something where there’s nothing, or at least no one around.  What we see are traces of human presence—things that are intended to attract people, messes that people have left behind, things that should have been done, and things that someone is done with, not forgetting of course the artist’s hand and viewer’s eye.  All these somehow made to contain expression, intimacy, contemplation, even narrative and allegory.

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David Ngirailemesang

David Ngirailemesang, an artist based in Houston, TX, is showing his Disguise Series drawings at the University of Central Missouri’s Art Center Gallery, January 14-February 22, 2008.  Artist talk February 4th at 3 PM in the gallery.

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Barrow Air to Air

Jane Barrow, Air to Air, at the University of Central Missouri’s Art Center Gallery, January 14-February 22, 2008.

Artist talk Wednesday, January 23rd at 3 PM in the Gallery

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