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Katharine Kuharic: Working in the Lou at Bruno David Gallery until May 5, 2012.


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Kelley Johnson: Recent Paintings at Bruno David Gallery in St. Louis, September 10-November 6, 2010.

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Hinge III

Leslie Laskey (more here) was born in 1921.  Lives and works in St. Louis.  Laskey makes subtle investigative abstracts.   The paint is thin, restrained—-yet the work gives the appearance of being the product of serious-minded, deep thought.  One senses a certain conflict between the pleasure of the material and the will to make pure, immaterial painting.  His work makes me nostalgic for the  mythological painter-figure I wanted to become back when I was 20—-my imagination fueled by the tougher and more romantic version of Modern Painters magazine and loads of books on 60s Bay Area painters. 



Hinge IV


Hinge II


Ships At Anchor

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Jill Downen

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Michelle Oosterbaan

Michelle Oosterbaan’s densely detailed drawings are maybe not ideally suited for viewing as a jpeg.    Her work is a part of the Great Rivers Biennial at the Museum of Contemporary Art in St. Louis until April 20th.  Here are a couple of other links, with some details and installation shots:  To Roberta Fallon’s flickr photos.  And to a video made by the Contemporary.

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