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Max Beckmann’s monumental 1909 painting, “A Scene From the Destruction of Messina” on view at the St. Louis Art Museum.


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Ian Monroe is currently showing work inspired by the modernist archictecture of St. Louis’ Lambert Field Airport as part the St. Louis Art Museum’s Currents series.

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phiulip guston the dilemma

Allegory from the St. Louis Art Museum


Also, the most interesting show in the area right now is the KC Flatfiles at H & R Block Artspace in Kansas City.  Over 150 Kansas City based artists submitted flat works–photos, prints, collages and drawings–that are placed in folders in the flat files.  Visitors don white gloves and flip through whatever they may choose.  On my visit, I took a peek at some drawings by Peregrine Honig, Emily Sall, Beniah Leuschke; prints by Wilbur Niewald and Archie Scott Gobber, and others.

The gallery walls in the front room are covered with flat works, pinned to the walls.  Each of the four walls is curated by a local artist.  The KC-based writers of the blog Art Motel Radio wrote about the work they chose for their wall.  Additionally, in the back room, there is a wall lined with DVDs by local video artists, and two televisions for watching.


Dana Schutz interview at Artkrush.: “Painting is a really strange and sometimes funny activity. You spend so many hours alone, standing in front of a canvas and trying to depict something that doesn’t yet exist but will, for better or for worse, when you’re done. It can be embarrassing, romantic, harrowing, and totally absurd.”

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Lovis Corinth

Lovis Corinth’s Nana, from the collection of the St. Louis Art Museum. 

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