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image from untitled, 2007, C Print, 17″ x 24″

Sarah Knobel is a photographer working in Washington DC.  Her work blends a distressing Middle American adolescent ordinariness with settings and situations of glamor, fashion and fantasy.  It’s a mash up that is equally funny and sad.  Knobel’s most frequent subject is the self-portrait.  And, even though she may appear dressed up, covered in glitter or otherwise ‘in character’, it is very possibly the inclusion of herself in the work that keeps the work from taking a cynical or satirical view of its principle elements.

In anticipation of the exhibit Playful Things (also featuring artists Magda Gluszek, Sharon Shapiro and Christina Vantzou) at the university of Central Missouri’s Gallery of Art, Sarah Knobel was kind enough to answer some questions about her work for us:

Please give our readers a little bit of information about yourself.

I was raised in Texas.  I went to a Baptist private school until 8th grade.  My parents moved us to a border town, Harlingen, TX . There were no private schools in the area, so I got to attend public school.  I wore Nirvana t-shirts  (more…)


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Sarah Knobel

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