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Steve Budington See Me Feel Me Touch Me Heal Me

So I put together a show at the University of Missouri’s Bingham Gallery, focusing on a few younger painters working different takes on figurative painting.  I’m in the show, too, so full disclosure,  I’m biased.  I just like these paintings, but here’s why:   Most of the painters in the show are dealing with the history of painting–we’ve got portraits and genre paintings, narratives and allegories.  Moments of beautiful drawing and paint-handling indicate that the artists have studied works of past thoroughly (take one look at Robert McCann or Jennifer Meanley’s work below). 

Don’t however, think that it’s a conservative show–there are moments of black humor; of ironic and post-ironic self-examination; and reference to depictions of the figure in comics and cartoons, medical illustration and fashion advertising.  Also evident, certain of the more Existential aspects of recent art theory.  A quote from Steve Budinton, describing the characters in his paintings (that’s his See Me Feel Me Touch Me Heal Me, 2008 above), is an attitude of painter toward protagonist that might be shared by several artists in the show: “How would it compensate?  What would it become?  The resulting works are decidedly composite in nature, and thematically they address issues of human vulnerability in a seemingly ‘post human’ culture and precarious natural world.”

  Here are some installation photos, and some thoughts of a more anecdotal nature on the show.  Thanks so much for looking.



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