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“…we can make ideas, out of the larger symbolic maelstrom…”

Episode 2 of Nathan Boyer’s MYSTERY TALK is up at Index Magazine’s website.


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Barry AndersonOp Eyes, a single-channel HD Video, was commissioned by the Nerman Museum at Johnson County Community College.  It’s on view in the New Media Room until February 1, 2009.  It took me a couple of looks at Barry’s website to find the thumbnails for his other videos.  It’s a little bar immediately under the image, for those as prone to overlooking the obvious as I.


Other video art news:


-Nathan Boyer is showing Videos and Paintings at Lumenhouse in Brooklyn.  Here is an excerpt from Dr. Skullface.

-Sam has been making and showing new videos.  Go to his website to get some Existentialism for Dummies.

UPDATE:  In non-video art news, there is a new Caleb Weintraub interview over at Daily Serving.

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Nathan Boyer

Nathan Boyer

Nathan Boyer

Nathan Boyer’s videos were a popular post last month (go here to check them out).  Here, now, are three of his paintings.  The first two are from a body of work that made use of handmade clay figures, strong lighting and sharp perspectives for a cinematic effect.  The last painting is the most recent; still based on models–though now they’re largely computer generated. 


Also, while we’re on the subject of dramatic perspective and slightly tilting horizon lines:  there’s a review of the latest Stanley Lewis exhibit at Artcritical.


Also, it looks like a couple of artists we’ve featured in the past have brand new websites.  Jennifer Meanley’s would be found here and Emily Sall’s here.  Go look!


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For anyone gearing up for the CAA Convention this week, thinking about turning young novices into full-fledged artists and in need of a good laugh–here is a link to some videos by Nathan Boyer.  Nathan’s also a great painter, look for a post sometime soon.

Enter The Dragon

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