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Color Country installation shot, work by Anne Thompson (foreground) and Tom Gregg (on the wall).

We’ve all learned our lessons about the relative nature of color.  We’ve made one color look like two, or two look like one, been proud of our chromatic grays and the glow that happens in our paintings after ever so slight alterations of tone.  Color Country is a small exhibit I put together for the University of Central Missouri’s Gallery 115 of artists who find content in color’s relativity: Tom Gregg, Daniel Reneau and Anne Thompson.  All three make work that considers the perception of color, and also the desire to define color, make it mean something certain and constant.  The problem is, and this is what makes these three artists approach to color so interesting, is that it’s as impossible to define color, to make it  mean something simple and absolute, as it is to look at color as optically constant.  The problem becomes almost existential.

More images after the cut. (more…)

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Unfortunately, I forgot to write down titles.

See our previous post on this exhibit.


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Amy Myers

Linnea Spransy

Linnea Spransy:Amy Myers at Byron Cohen Gallery in KC, April 2-May 28, 2010.  Here’s the MWC interview with Spransy from 2009.

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Almost missed this one: Midwest Paint Group’s showing at Spiva Center for the Arts, in Joplin, MO, through February 21. Includes work by Bob Brock, Glen Cebulash, William Foust, Barbara Lea, Jeremy Long, Michael Neary, Ron Weaver, Megan Williamson.

(shown above: Bob Brock, Grounds at Linda Hall)

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Jill Downen: Hard Hat Optional at Bruno David Gallery, April 10-May 9, 2009.  The gallery’s website shows has two pages, each showing different works in the exhibit.  One for the front room, and one for the main gallery. I’m probably not going to get a chance to make it over to the STL to see the show.  So, just judging from jpegs, it’s the Hybrida drawings in the front room that seem to me to be the most exciting.  Like that unnerving, overly flesh-y minimalism.  I’m just not sure if the works in the main gallery have that uncanny I-don’t-know-what.  Check out her website to see if you agree.

Here are a couple of Hybrida.




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The Indiana Murals

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Gabriel Laderman’s traveling retrospective is making its way to our neighborhood.  It was in Virginia (at the UVA Art Museum).  Currently it’s in New Hampshire.  Lots to read and see right here

Gabriel himself writes,

That is about the traveling show of about 25 large paintings made between 1963 and 1990 which is already up in the University of Virginia Museum.Next it goes to the University of New Hampshire Museum, and I don’t know their dates.[but it sounds as though it most probably will open some time in October or so]. It will also go to the Southwest Missouri State University, January 23rd to March 15th, 2009; and LSU from September 4-October 23, 2009; it will be shown in the New York Academy of Art March 31-April 28, 2009.

[Correction: The show’s actually going to Southeast (not Southwest) Missouri State]

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