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Healer, acrylic, gesso & colored pencil on linen 30″ x 20″ (d.v.)

From the press release for Michael Krueger’s exhibit, See Be:

 The subject of the exhibition is rooted in landscape, and notions of wilderness and observation. The title, in part, refers to the act of seeing as becoming; meditative observation as a means to learn, understand and become. There is also a nod in there to the notion of live and let live, to allow nature and wildness to be, as the grateful observer.

The truth is, See Be is far less a departure for Krueger than the press release leads us to believe.  Krueger dips his toes into a new medium and new motivations.  Longtime fans will be pleased, maybe only wishing for the appearance of a cowboy, hippy or poofy-haired heavy metal singer.  It’s a funny  moment for an artist, this sort of transition, so  I’ll stop here, and let Krueger speak for himself.   See Be is on view at Haw Contemporary in Kansas City until March 13, 2015.  Read the rest of the press release here.  More Michael Krueger.  

You were a part of our Tenses of Landscape exhibit a couple years ago, how has your take on landscape as a subject changed over the last few years?  

Yeah, I have been working with the landscape for about a decade now, at first sort of unknowingly, and with the last few bodies of work with deeper intention. For my exhibition See Be, I started with a full-blown study into early American painters of the West: Thomas Moran and Albert Bierstadt, others too. However, it might be difficult to see the association in the paintings I made, for which they are probably much better off.


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Michael Krueger: So Alone and Mystified at Packer-Schopf in Chicago, until February 13, 2011.

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Brion Noda Rosch’s collage Untitled (Exercising for Tomorrow) from the exhibit  “Censor Approved” at the Dolphin Gallery in KC.  (I still haven’t figured out if the title alludes to a theme for the show or if it’s just cool-sounding).  It’s up until September 5, 2009.  The exhibit  features work by Emily Sall, Archie Scott Gobber, Michael Krueger, Todd Chilton, Rachel Hayes and others.   Be sure to check out the installation shots to see Lynus Young’s big, funky wall drawing.

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Check out pictures from Fecal Face’s visit to Michael Krueger’s studio in Lawrence, KS.

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Read the interview here.

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Michael Krueger

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