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Matt Ballou has named 5 desert island essential works of art for a Friday edition feature in his hometown newspaper:

“What this saturation of the arts into all of human life and society tells me is that I would not have to take art with me onto that desert island. People – or at least I, myself, would be there – so culture of all sorts would begin to manifest itself. Out of that fountain, art would certainly begin to overflow. We know that many people in the most harrowing of situations were (and are) still makers of objects and images. Given some time, that desert island culture would stimulate some paintings – or other art forms – of its own.

But in the meantime I can think of five pieces of work that I would love to have with me should the need arise”

Read Matt’s picks here.


More from Matt Ballou, “Art and Submission”.

Also, Chicago artist Rachel Niffenegger at BEAUTIFUL/DECAY.

Nancy Weant on Larry Thomas’s mixed media paintings at Epsten Gallery in Johnson Co., KS.

Lisa Iglesias talks to gallery director Jeremy Mikolajczak about her new work, now on view in Warrensburg, MO.

ARTLIES looks rural.

A couple of weeks ago, Chicago critic Claudine Ise recommended MWC to readers of the Chicago Reader.  She specifically mentioned the great discussions that get going here.  I want to thank Ise for the links, but most of all, to say thank you to all the people who have jumped in on any of  those discussions.  You’re great!  Thanks!

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Matt Ballou

Matthew Ballou 

I’ve been too busy to get around to another interview, so I asked Matt Ballou if he would just write somthing for us about some things that have been interesting and inspiring to him lately. 


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