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Currently on view at Weber State University’s Mary Elizabeth Dee Shaw Gallery is Pure Paint for Now People, and ambitious exhibition of contemporary painting curated by Matthew Choberka and Lydia Gravis. The show features works by many artists with whom MWC’s readers will be already familiar from previous postings, and plenty we haven’t covered before, too.

Above: Gianna Commito, Stow, 2011, courtesy of Rachel Uffner Gallery, NYC
Below: Installation photos, courtesy of Mary Elizabeth Dee Shaw Gallery

photo 1-2

photo 2-2

photo 5-2


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Lisa Sanditz:  Sock City at CRG Gallery, October 23-November 29, 2008

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Lisa Sanditz

Lisa Sanditz

Lisa Sanditz lives in Brooklyn, but her 2006 solo show, Flyover, at the Kemper Museum of Art, dealt with some of the more humorous aspects of the Midwestern Landscape, like Subtropolis (above).  The Kansas City Subtropolis is on my mind because it also figures into Deb Sokolow’s current installation at the Kemper, you are one step closer to learning the truth (post forthcoming).

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