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Jered Sprecher, Thought From Afar, 2011, oil, 20″ x 16″

Painter’s Bread blog has been doing a lot of artist interviews lately, as exciting for the images and studio shots as for the artist’s words.  Check out recent talks with Jered Sprecher and Michael Dopp.


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Playing Fields, through November 19, 2010 at Indiana University’s SoFA Gallery.  Paintings by Melissa Oresky and Jered Sprecher (works by both can be seen in the image above) as well as Patrick Berran, Ryan Schneider and Olivia Schreiner.  Playing Fields intends to be a ‘glimpse at the state of painting’ mini-survey rather than a curatorial statement.  Says curator Tyson Skross, “The overarching idea is that each of the artists is working in a unique way that is relevant in the larger field of contemporary painting. The artists are living and working in a variety of cities in the U.S. and their work has never been previously exhibited together. We feel it is important for the SoFA gallery to be able to bring this work to Bloomington to provide a glimpse of the current state of contemporary painting for our audience and our students.”

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