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Bad at Sports has posted the Painters/Painting panel discussion held at their behest last month in NYC.  Participants include Tom Sanford, Kamrooz Aram, Holly Coulis, David Humphrey, Dike Blair and Deborah Kass.

And a few other links:

Following up the post on Robert Barnes new show at Corbett vs. Dempsey, here is a 2001 interview with Barnes discussing the good old days, specifically his contacts with Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst and Matta.

New Dana Schutz interview at Art Info.

Christian Viveros-Faune on Jules de Balincourt’s new work.

There’s a new-ish interview with Sangram Majumdar at the Jerusalem Studio School’s blog.  There are a lot of interviews with SM around the artblogs but this one’s notable for having a lot of studio shots and discussion of materials and methods.

Jonah Lehrer reminding us of the virtues of boredom.


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