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A piece of Dorothy and Herb Vogel’s collection is at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. Through the National Gallery, they’ve distributed 50 works (from their collection of over 4,000) to an institution in each of the 50 states.  All kinds of related events at the OKCMOA in the next few days, including screenings of the Megumi Sasaki’s documentary, Herb & Dorothy. Anyone who thinks you have to be rich to be an art collector should probably watch that one.  From the OKCMOA website:

The fifty works donated to the Museum from the Vogel collection are small-scale and reflect the diversity of their collecting efforts. Of the 25 artists included are examples by Lynda Benglis, Martin Johnson, Lucio Pozzi, Edda Renouf, Robert Barry, and Richard Tuttle. The Vogels actively collected many artists who later became important figures in the contemporary art scene and maintained a devotion to collecting the art of their time.

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