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Today we have a guest post courtesy of Matthew Ballou.  He discovered a video of four painters taking part in a panel discussion  organized in conjunction with the exhibit Form & Story:  Narration in Recent Painting curated by Elizabeth Schlatter.  Sensing that many of the insights that these painters express related to discussions taking place here at MWC recently,  Matthew has written the following for us as a response to the Form & Story panel discussion, and as an invitation for our readers to begin a discussion of our own.

And so, without further ado:

An impressive show entitled Form & Story: Narration in Recent Painting took place at the University of Richmond’s Harnett Museum of Art between January 21 and May 15, 2009. It featured work by four contemporary artists, Steve DiBenedetto, Angela Dufresne, Hanneline Røgeberg, and Erling Sjovold, who all, in the words of the Museum’s press release, “explore multiple narratives through images and materiality.”

The panel discussion, which took place on January 20th and is available in the video linked on this post, was insightful and intriguing. The language used, conceptual stances expressed, and the articulate advocacy of painting by the artists was exciting to me. I was particularly energized by what Røgeberg and Dufresne had to say.

As a way to stimulate discussion here at Midwest Capacity, I’m going to highlight a few of Røgeberg’s statements, comment on them, and then hope that the great group of thoughtful people who visit MWC will take over, digging through the video (the 15 minute block between 30:10 and 46:30 is especially tasty) and presenting their own thoughts, impressions, and digressions regarding narrative in art, the work or statements of the artists themselves, and painting (representational, narrative, or otherwise) as a form in general.

I’ll get us started. (more…)


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