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We posted an image from Jane Barrow’s exhibit Air to Air in January.  Earlier this month, the artist left a comment here stating that while the exhibit was a real turning point for her, it has also been  a cause for frustration.  Barrow had been making decent-sized abstract oil on canvas paintings, but, disturbed by the continuing war in Iraq, decided to experiment with forms, scale and materials in  way that would allow direct address of the situation in Iraq.  Here’s a link to the earlier post.


I know that a lot of you reading this are deeply aware and engaged with these same things.  And, I know that those of you who make art, who write, curate, etc. make decisions regarding how directly or indirectly you approach your concerns about current events in your own work.  So, after the cut, more images of Jane Barrow’s work and a chance to, please, share your thoughts. (more…)

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