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SIDESHOW: Artists and the Circus at the Des Moines Art Center (until April 22, 2012) looks a bit “meh…” but any show that highlights Yasuo Kuniyoshi’s “Amazing Juggler” is worth a mention.


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Jeanne Mammen: City of Women at the Des Moines Art Center, September 10-December 12, 2010.  From the museum’s website:  “A sharp observer of urban life, Mammen was among the first generation of female artists able to live independently, allowing her the chance to roam about 1920s and 30s Europe with a freedom only male artists had previously enjoyed. Unsurprisingly, her images often focus on other independent women, from haughty socialites and fashionable middle class shop girls to street singers and prostitutes.”

Here’s a link to the Jeanne Mammen Foundation.  And another to a Flickr set of her work.

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Cecily Brown for the Guardian: “I take things too far when painting”. (via Two Coats of Paint)  In May, Neoteric Art published some thoughts on Cecily Brown’s exhibit at the Des Moines Art Center (where Half-Blind, above, is on view currently).

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Tara Donovan at the Des Moines Art Center, June 19-September 13, 2009.  The exhibit originated at the Institute for Contemporary Art in Boston and also stopped at the Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati

More Tara Donovan.

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