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Kelley Johnson: Untitled 1 at Bruno David Project Space, April 25-June 6, 2015.  Here’s a link to our Q & A with Johnson, posted last year.


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I’ve been trying to get together a Q & A with Kelley Johnson for years.  His exhibits at Bruno David Gallery in St. Louis have always been high-impact and worthy of more attention.  His September 2014 show of new paintings at the Greenlease Gallery on the campus of Rockhurst University in Kansas City upped the ante aesthetically once again.  So naturally I upped the pressure on Kelley to do something for this blog.  And here it is finally.  Kelley tells us about his new paintings, his studio life and some early experiences that inform his work.

 Unless otherwise noted, all installation shots are from Kelley’s exhibit at the Greenlease Gallery.  See more of Kelley Johnson’s work at his website or at Bruno David Gallery.

I know that you moved to Miami with your family a few years ago to focus on painting full-time.  Can you tell us a little bit about your life before the move?


I grew up in the suburbs of St. Louis. My stepfather was a developer. He built subdivisions and apartment complexes. At the age of twelve I started working during summer breaks.  “40 hours a week.”  Looking back that seems like a lot but I remember it as a great experience. I started off as part of the cleanup crew. It didn’t take long before I began working with the framing crews and learning about the structural elements that go into most mid-western homes.  Typically the buildings we built were wood-framed structures and everything was “stick built” using 2 x 6’s or 2 x 12’s. Later I worked with the electrical crew and later with the finishing crews (trim, base boards etc).


I believe that this early experience had the most impact on how I think about constructing my work.  The way I think of space and structure I am sure comes from framing. (more…)

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Richard Hull at Bruno David Gallery, until March 30, 2013.


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Kelley Johnson: New Paintings at Bruno David Gallery in St. Louis until February 23, 2013.


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Katharine Kuharic: Working in the Lou at Bruno David Gallery until May 5, 2012.

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Judy Pfaff at Bruno David Gallery.

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Kelley Johnson: Recent Paintings at Bruno David Gallery in St. Louis, September 10-November 6, 2010.

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