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Shara Hughes painting, Hot Hot Sun 2015 oil on canvas

Shara Hughes “Hot Hot Sun”, 2015, oil on canvas, 36″ x 30″

Spirit of the Dead Watching is the title of an exhibit at Dan Devening Projects + Editions in Chicago.  Opening August 30, 2015, the exhibit will be on view until October 17.  It’s a show of younger artists, whose work appears to be in conversation with Modernist movements and sub-genres like Cubism, Fauvism, der Blaue Reiter.  According to the press release: “Annie Hémond Hotte, Austin Eddy, Bradley Biancardi, Shara Hughes and Tracy Thomason are all builders; organizing shape and material where characters, people, and humanness emerge. Each artist works within an invented symbology, and uses it to imply a sensation, illustrate an event, and/or create a world.”

Enough to make me curious about the work and these artist’s ideas.  How is it that a group of younger artists from different backgrounds come to a way of making that harkens back to forms invented by European and American artists over a century ago?  MWC decided to ask each of the five artists to respond to some questions about their work, their background and the thesis of the exhibit.  In the discussion that follows, it is quickly apparent that all five artists find purpose through process.  This allows for a practice based on sincerity, genuine search for forms that might express basic universal concepts, and freedom to pick and choose the ideas and theories that are relevant to the work.  I want to say thank you to each of the artists involved in “Spirit of the Dead Watching” for participating.  Here’s the discussion: (more…)

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