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A retrospective of paintings by Bonnie Sklarski, titled Anatomy Botany, Geology:  Nature Narratives is on view at Indiana University’s SOFA Gallery, until October 8, 2010.  In Bonnie Sklarski’s words:  “My retrospective is a privileged opportunity to highlight what are the deepest, most challenging questions I have lived with. From science to poetic narrative, I have tried to be fearless in my study and true to my natural curiosity.”

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Jake Berthot: Paintings and Drawings at Nielsen Gallery in Boston, February 21-March 21, 2009.




And, thanks to an anonymous commenter, we’ve learned that Bonnie Sklarski has a new website.  Romantic landscapes and 77-degree early March days, gotta love.

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Bonnie Sklarski

Bonnie Sklarski Peonies

Bonnie Sklarski
Also, Matt pointed me toward (and maybe he’s already pointed you there, too) an interview with Sangram Majumdar at neotericart.com: “What I seek in the work is a sense of time and the range of human awareness and interest, from the sustained to the superficial. We never care or see something twice the same way. So, each time I look at my surface I try to take into account these tendencies. I don’t do studies anymore, partly because I don’t want to split up the ‘thinking’ and the ‘making.'”

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