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Bad at Sports has posted the Painters/Painting panel discussion held at their behest last month in NYC.  Participants include Tom Sanford, Kamrooz Aram, Holly Coulis, David Humphrey, Dike Blair and Deborah Kass.

And a few other links:

Following up the post on Robert Barnes new show at Corbett vs. Dempsey, here is a 2001 interview with Barnes discussing the good old days, specifically his contacts with Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst and Matta.

New Dana Schutz interview at Art Info.

Christian Viveros-Faune on Jules de Balincourt’s new work.

There’s a new-ish interview with Sangram Majumdar at the Jerusalem Studio School’s blog.  There are a lot of interviews with SM around the artblogs but this one’s notable for having a lot of studio shots and discussion of materials and methods.

Jonah Lehrer reminding us of the virtues of boredom.


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Don’t Piss On Me And Tell Me It’s Raining is an exhibit organized by the awesome folks over at Bad at Sports, April 7-May 22, 2010 at apexart in NYC.  In addition to the exhibit, which includes artwork by BaS contributors and guests there will be a series of live events, including a conversation with Jeffrey Deitch, a panel discussion on painting led by Tom Sanford, and an introduction to an organization called Ilssa about their whole deal, which is using obsolete technology to make experimental and conceptual artwork.  All of the live events will be recorded and broadcast on future editions of the podcast.

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Vera Klement, Door to the River, 1989, oil and encaustic on canvas, 78″ x 126″

The newest episode of the Bad at Sports podcast is a discussion about the  exhibit Constellations:  Painting from the MCA Collection between the BaS guys, art critic Paul Klein, artists Vera Klement and Wesley Kimler and exhibit curator Julie Rodrigues Widholm.  The first half especially is a fantastic discussion about painting in the 21st century.

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