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Anne Harris has a solo exhibit at Cultivator Chicago, on view until December 13th.  Here’s a quote from the press materials: “I’ve been painting and drawing these malleable self-portraits for the last 25 years. Self-perception is so murky—we see through the lens of our expectations. It seems my life’s work is built around an anxious slippage of self-confidence that started about age 12, a combination of self-awareness and self-misunderstanding…. “

Read our terrific recent interview with Harris here.

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Screen shot 2013-04-05 at 11.38.08 AM

Judy Glantzman, Shakespeare’s Pirate, 2011, mixed media, 91″ x60″


Anne Harris, Invisible Girl, 2007, oil and graphite on mylar, 33 1/2″ x 31″

correction:  the painting above is titled “Invisible (Yellow)” , 2013, and is oil on linen.  I apologize for the mistake.

Two reasons I wish I was in NYC today:  Judy Glantzman at Betty Cunningham, until May 11, 2013.  Anne Harris at Alexandre Gallery, also until May 11.

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