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Betsy Stirratt: Half Light


Betsy Stirratt: Half Light is on view at Packer Schopf Gallery in Chicago until October 19, 2013.


From the press release:

“Betsy Stirratt’s recent paintings refer to both the infinite and the microscopic and are ultimately metaphysical. Each picture is a constructed world that utilizes light and dark, and repulsion and attraction to depict ambiguous spaces and atmospheres…In introducing control over this world by measuring and marking the surface, she makes sense of it.  The paintings are made intuitively, based on research into subjects as diverse as mycology, pathology, botany, memory, imagination, religion, and spirituality. These interests inform the treatment of the painted surface, and her fascination with these scientific and spiritual practices lends the graphic and pictorial elements gravity. The paintings invoke a mood of cool sadness.”


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Joey Borovicka has a show up at Good Girl Art Gallery in Springfield, MO, “Life In Small Places, Narrow Crannies”. Here’s a link to our 2008 interview with Borovicka.


UPDATE: Joey also has a solo show at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Gallery of Art called Knock Loud, I’m Home.  Its up until November 1, 2013.  Here’s an image from the show, “The Alchemist”:


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