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White Owl, 24″ x 24″

Marcus Cain’s exhibit Soft Bones at Sherry Leedy Gallery in Kansas City until August 16, 2009. From Cain’s artist statement:  “A cloaked and camouflaged figure, a beast whose feet no longer touch the ground, celestial parasitic twins and other images are gradually coaxed from floating and colliding pools of paint. As their forms suggest, their bones are soft and pliable or missing altogether amidst environments of drifting color and fog. These environments play host to a narrative of process, while bubbling up from their depths are ruminations on vulnerability, the gain and loss of shifting identity, and things often mentioned yet seldom seen.”


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A piece of Dorothy and Herb Vogel’s collection is at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. Through the National Gallery, they’ve distributed 50 works (from their collection of over 4,000) to an institution in each of the 50 states.  All kinds of related events at the OKCMOA in the next few days, including screenings of the Megumi Sasaki’s documentary, Herb & Dorothy. Anyone who thinks you have to be rich to be an art collector should probably watch that one.  From the OKCMOA website:

The fifty works donated to the Museum from the Vogel collection are small-scale and reflect the diversity of their collecting efforts. Of the 25 artists included are examples by Lynda Benglis, Martin Johnson, Lucio Pozzi, Edda Renouf, Robert Barry, and Richard Tuttle. The Vogels actively collected many artists who later became important figures in the contemporary art scene and maintained a devotion to collecting the art of their time.

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Feeling very sad that I missed out on this one when we were in NY last month:  Kristine Moran at Nichelle Beauchene Gallery, June 18-July 25, 2009. More Kristine Moran.

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Castle - front view(small)

Martha MacLeish at Prince Street Gallery in NY, July 7-July 25, 2009

A couple more images after the cut.


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We don’t do a lot of artist opportunities type posts, but here’s one that just seemed relevant to so many people connected to MWC that I thought I’d post it.  The SOFA gallery at Indiana U-Bloomington is looking for artists for an upcoming exhibit.  The exhibit is called INHABIT and they are looking for work that “engages social/environmental interactions,” in the form of “present day allegory, synthetic realities, material obsessions and other approaches”.  Seems relevant to  a lot of the work we post and to the work of people reading the blog here.  It’s free.  They are needing 5 jpegs and some other materials by July 31.  Here is the link.

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Tara Donovan at the Des Moines Art Center, June 19-September 13, 2009.  The exhibit originated at the Institute for Contemporary Art in Boston and also stopped at the Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati

More Tara Donovan.

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Contact, 2003, oil on canvas, 66″ x 84″

Please give our readers a little bit of information about yourself (upbringing, education, location, news, etc.):

Sure. A quick bio would read:  I was born in 1969 and grew up in the inner city of Milwaukee, (more…)

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