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Not exactly breaking news (the show closes tomorrow), but Scott Noel‘s exhibiting new work right now at Gross McCleaf in Philly.  I’m intrigued by this body of work.  I usually think of him as having a kind of perceptual/observational gravitas thing in relation to the motif.  With that as the precedent, some of these new paintings are borderline whimsical.  (New paintings are at the top of the page on the link).


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Angelina Gualdoni is showing at Kavi Gupta Gallery in Chicago.

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Betsy Stirratt Afterimage at Packer-Schopf Gallery in Chicago, April 3-May 9, 2009.  From the artist’s statement:  Color systems are drawn from sources as varied as natural settings, preset palettes, observation, color forecasting and predictions, events, and momentary experiences. These experiences can be banal and ordinary, exciting and stimulating, but the interaction of the colors allow for the possibilities of anxiety, happiness, calm, stress and foreboding.

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patrick angus

This month, the Fort Smith Art Center is showing early work by Patrick Angus. The paintings and drawings in the show are all from a period before he painted overtly gay subject matter (the painting above isn’t in the show, obviously–it’s not easy to find many Angus images online), but far enough along to detect the influence of David Hockney, who would eventually become an Angus patron. I walked through the show yesterday, it’s definitely worth seeing. Portraits dominate, but there are some nice interiors, cityscapes, even a landscape or two. Angus had some anxiety in life that his successes as a painter were more due to his later works’ subject matter than his painterly prowess. Based on what I saw at the FSAC, his painting, regardless of subject, is pretty impressive.

[UPDATE: Photos from the exhibition after the jump.]


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