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The Audacity, 2009

Please give our readers a little bit of information about yourself (upbringing, education, location, news, etc.):

I was born in Warrensburg, Missouri, a town about an hour east of Kansas City.  As a kid it was surreal (more…)

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…interview with Carla Knopp over at On The Cusp.

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In a recent thread, Joey B. mentioned the Paint Made Flesh exhibit in Nashville, TN, which, from what one gleans from the Frist’s offerings on the internet, looks to be a terrific show. Freud, Saville, Bacon, de Kooning, Guston, Baselitz, Currin, Daniel Richter, just to name a few. The post here is to encourage people who’ve seen the show (or have thoughts about the artists) to get some discussin’ accomplished.

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The age of negativism.  In this photo, we see Tilman using “NO” to assert his independence, and having some fun at the opening for Archie Scott Gobber Is Better Off Now; photo by JJ Higgins.  The show’s great.  We’re going to try to get more  of Gobber on the blog as soon as possible.

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Andrzej Zielinski

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Hey, I’m heading to Chicago next week, accompanying a student group.  We’ve got a pretty full 4 days planned.  It’s mostly kids from small towns; none of them have been to Chicago before.  The Art Institute, the MCA, a couple of gallery neighborhoods, an architecture walking tour, maybe the Arts Club to see the Sigmar Polke exhibit.  Plus just some downtime for the kids to wander, shop, eat, etc.  But if anyone knows of anything awesome that might be under our radar, I’d be interested in hearing from you.  Thanks.

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Jake Berthot: Paintings and Drawings at Nielsen Gallery in Boston, February 21-March 21, 2009.




And, thanks to an anonymous commenter, we’ve learned that Bonnie Sklarski has a new website.  Romantic landscapes and 77-degree early March days, gotta love.

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Andreas Fischer at Hudson Franklin, February 26-April 11, 2009. (sorry, that link is as close as I can get. you’ve still got to click a couple of times to get to the Fischer page.)


And some other NY shows:



Seems to me that the relationship between material, technique, form and content gets more complicated with every batch of these.  Seems like folks who mostly focus on her technique and subject matter have decided to hate on this exhibit, but I think it looks like her best work so far.  Older Yuskavage paintings had a kitschy thrift store painting sensuality.  It always just seemed too easy to conjure up to me.  These are actually uncomfortable, and that unease seems embodied by the paint as well as in the image.
I’m going to bet on a round of backlash for Dana Schutz as well.  Her new exhibit Missing Pictures is at Zach Feuer Gallery, March 13-April 25, 2009.

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Tom Gregg’s Seven Lemons, 2008.  Tom Gregg  at George Billis Gallery in NYC, March 3-March 28, 2009.

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