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Denzil Hurley

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Bonnie Sklarski

Bonnie Sklarski Peonies

Bonnie Sklarski
Also, Matt pointed me toward (and maybe he’s already pointed you there, too) an interview with Sangram Majumdar at neotericart.com: “What I seek in the work is a sense of time and the range of human awareness and interest, from the sustained to the superficial. We never care or see something twice the same way. So, each time I look at my surface I try to take into account these tendencies. I don’t do studies anymore, partly because I don’t want to split up the ‘thinking’ and the ‘making.'”

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Claire Sherman is showing new work at Kavi Gupta

We’ve posted on Ms Sherman before, but I think her work merits a second look, at the very least.

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Peregrine Honig, artist, gallerist, with other projects is giving a talk at 5 PM, Wednesday, April 23rd at the Bingham Gallery on the University of Missouri campus.

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Michelle Oosterbaan

Michelle Oosterbaan’s densely detailed drawings are maybe not ideally suited for viewing as a jpeg.    Her work is a part of the Great Rivers Biennial at the Museum of Contemporary Art in St. Louis until April 20th.  Here are a couple of other links, with some details and installation shots:  To Roberta Fallon’s flickr photos.  And to a video made by the Contemporary.

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Sue Coe‘s giving a talk in Fayetteville.

Thursday, April 17, 7pm

Giffels Auditorium, Old Main, University of Arkansas

In other news, MW Capacity just posted its 100th post! Huzzah! Thanks to all the thoughtful, enthusiastic commenters who have made this blog the cool thing that is.

To the next 100,


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Deborah Fisher

(Image above is a detail–full view after the cut)


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